Bringing Dogs and People Together to End Discrimination


We Are Individuals

 We’re asking dog owners to tell their stories to prove that labels and stereotypes don’t matter. What matters, are individuals.

Available Dogs

Because all dogs are individuals, some don’t make it through our programs, but they might be a great addition to your family.


When you give to Animal Farm, you contribute to programs and educational resources that break boundaries for dogs and people.

Our Programs & Anti-Discrimination Work

Changing the lives of dogs, people, and communities

Dogs and humans live so closely together and share a unique relationship. All of our services and programs are designed to include mutually beneficial roles for dogs and people.

At the core of all breed discrimination, whether laws or policies, is discrimination against humans. We won’t stand for racism, classism, or ableism. We challenge these laws and policies with science, facts, and logic.

community grants

A commitment to see
through labels

We grant funds to community organizations who share our determination to treat everyone as an individual regardless of label – that might be breed labels for dogs or it might be a label tinged with classism, ableism, or racism for a human.

Our grantees work with their communities to help improve the shelter system, keep families together, and make life better for all individuals.

Community resources

All dogs and people are individuals and discrimination has no place in animal sheltering. Our resources for animal welfare professionals are evidence-based, honest, non-proprietary, affordable, and easy to replicate. We provide information on everything from enrichment to adoption.

People shouldn’t have to lose their pets because of discrimination. We help advocates gain access to scientific and sound information to help them fight breed-specific laws and breed restrictive housing policies so people can keep their pets.

Detection dog grant

creating safe environments for everyone

The K9 detection dog teams trained by our grantee Sector K9 work to create safer, more connected communities. The dogs are trained to detect guns and drugs. Some of them work in schools with the extra job of teaching kids to be better humans. 

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