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It’s our mission to bring dogs and people together to end discrimination

Dogs and humans share a unique relationship because they live so closely together. All of our work is designed to include mutually beneficial roles for dogs and people.

Laws and policies that exclude dogs based on how they look aren’t about dogs at all. Most often, these practices are put in place as a way to uphold discrimination against humans. We won’t stand for racism, classism, or ableism. We challenge these laws and policies with science, facts, and logic.

Our dogs, people, and housing insurance project focuses on the discriminatory motivations behind breed restrictions in housing insurance.

These policies are not about dogs, rather they are a way for insurance companies to redline and continue to exclude individuals from owning or renting homes.

We can change these practices by writing our local insurance commissioners.

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Excluding My Dog Is Excluding Me

Help us end exclusionary breed restrictions in housing insurance.

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