Help Fight "Pit Bull" Bans

We’re helping dog owners take on the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa

Adopt Your Best Friend

We match dogs and people based on their individual personalities and needs
to help you find the BFF that’s right for you.

What We Do

We bring dogs and people together to end discrimination

Service Dogs

We train “pit bull” dogs to assist people with disabilities. We place the dogs with individuals who have mobility, hearing, or psychiatric disabilities.

Pets Together

Using video chat services, Pets Together connects people and their pets to those most at risk for social isolation and loneliness.

Available Dogs

See the dogs who are available for adoption at our shelter in the Hudson Valley in New York.

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We Change the Lives of Dogs, People, and Communities

Dogs and humans live so closely together and share a unique relationship. All of our services and programs are designed to include mutually beneficial roles for dogs and people.

Breed discrimination isn’t about dogs at all. At its core, it’s about discrimination against humans. We won’t stand for racism, classism, or ableism. We challenge these laws and policies with science, facts, and logic.

Correctional Facility Programs

We work with the NYC Department of Correction (DOC) to place dogs in local prisons and jails to teach both people and pets lessons in life skills.


Our grantees work to improve the shelter system, address pet-owner accessible housing concerns, and make life better for dogs and their people.

Shelter Transport

We transport dogs from open intake shelters across the country. This program reduces the number of dogs euthanized for space. Many of these dogs join our service dog program.

Detection Dogs

Our grantee Sector K9 trains shelter dogs to work in communities detecting drugs and guns. They show that “pit bull” dogs aren’t a threat to public safety, they are public safety.

News and Articles

A Special Thanks As We Reflect on 2020

A Special Thanks As We Reflect on 2020

This year has been difficult for everyone and insurmountable to others. As an organization, we have long since understood that companion animal welfare without human welfare means nothing. So, as a response to the impact of the pandemic, we've augmented and expanded...