Does Your Shelter Dog Look Like An American Hero?
MARCH, 2018

It’s no secret around here that we love Sgt. Stubby. He’s the perfect example of how ALL DOGS ARE INDIVIDUALS. 

While it’s true not every dog can go from the streets of America to heroically saving lives in a world war, all dogs can become heroes of the heart – and that’s what really matters to adopters.

One of the best ways to convey a dog’s heroic heart is with a catchy visual. Let’s be real though, not all of us are talented Instagrammers. Staging? Backgrounds? Aperture? (Ape-what-now?)

Take a deep breath because you don’t have to know any of that to give your dog adoption marketing efforts star power. You only have to do one thing:


⇓⇓ Steal this photo ⇓⇓

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Well, okay, you have to do more than one thing. You have to take a photo of your shelter dog or this is never going to work.

Snap a few pics of one of your tan and brown shelter pups and super-impose your favorite image onto the left side of the above image.

Share it on Facebook and then tag Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero.

Why tag them? Because Sgt. Stubby is happily sharing many of these photos on with their more than 240,000 fans!

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We know what you’re thinking: “But Stubby was a blah blah blah<insert inaccurate visual breed identification here>! People can’t nominate dogs just because they’re brown and white!”


No one knows what type of dog Sgt. Stubby was! He was a dog! He was a hero! He loved humans and humans loved him!

(Can we use more exclamation points to get our point across?!!!??!!!!???!!!)


Next question: “But I don’t have a dog who looks anything like Stubby.”

Rules are made to be broken, friends!

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Like, really, really, really broken…

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Okay, maybe don’t break the rules that much…

But have fun! Embrace the joy of Sgt. Stubby’s heroic heart and share that with your community, fans, and potential adopters. Don’t forget to download the photo!

You can snag presale tickets to the film at AMC Theaters right here.

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