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January 2020

“In 2018, Animal Farm Foundation became a private operating foundation. This means that we don’t simply fund the work of worthy grantees, we work alongside grantees and create and run trailblazing programs at our upstate New York facility. We travel across the country to empower dog owners and advocates to join our fight against discrimination.

As you learn about what we have accomplished this year, I hope you will recognize in our work that our focus is the vital and versatile connection we, as humans, have with dogs, regardless of breed label. 

Dogs are companion animals and all of our work focuses on that companionship. Becoming a private operating foundation has not changed our ethics but it has made us an even better investment for donors, including private foundations.  We run a tight ship with a talented staff, accomplishing more with our money than most. I hope you will join us as we continue to bring dogs and people together to end discrimination.”

– Stacey Coleman

Executive Director

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