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After bringing Willow to NY from New Orleans, we noticed quickly that she would scream in pain when she play-bowed. After an MRI, her neurologist discovered that she had a severely ruptured disc in her back. The disc was pressing on her nerves, causing this sweet girl lots of pain. Her veterinarian said that it’s a miracle she was still walking.

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Willow’s Story

We transported Willow from a New Orleans shelter in July. She’s completely charmed us during our time with her and she has everyone at Guardian Veterinary Specialists smitten.

In June, we transported her brother, Mac, from the same shelter. Mac is just as sweet as his sister. In fact, he’s currently participating in our in-home service dog training program.

When we learned that Mac’s sister was still at the shelter, we knew we had to bring her up on the next transport! Once she was here, we discovered that she was in a lot of pain, but initial testing didn’t tell us what was wrong. Eventually, an MRI revealed her ruptured disc.

Despite her constant and serious pain, Willow loves everyone. Dogs, people, and even cats – she wants to be their best friend. After she recouperates from her surgery, she will be available for adoption. We know that her new family, whomever they may be, will think she is just as lovely and wonderful as everyone else does!

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