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(These dogs were originally pulled for AFF programs, but through our training process, we realized they would make better pets than working dogs.)


Balls! Balls! Balls! You’ve got ’em? Maverick wants you to throw ’em so he can fetch ’em!

Maverick is also a lover who wants to be with his BFF 24/7. His favorite thing after a good game of fetch is to cuddle up with his person.

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Jezebel should probably be named Butterfly because she loves to be social! Trips into town are one of her favorite things. New friends are greeted with a wiggly booty and lots of happy bounces!

Her exuberance makes her an excellent hiking partner!

Fill out an adoption survey for Jezebel.


Sherlock is a favorite at the Farm! Affectionately called Sherly, he loves people of all sizes. And when we say loves, we really mean it! He always wants to be with his people, as they are his favorite thing!

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