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(These dogs were originally pulled for AFF programs, but through our training process we realized they would make better pets than working dogs.)

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This girl wants to be the only puppy love of your life. Human siblings would be cool to run around with and cuddle with. And with those big ears Justice will probably be able to hear if your kids are getting into shenanigans miles away.

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We’ll be getting more photos of Cheezit soon!


 Cheezit is nacho average girl! She’s quite fondue of playing with toys and cuddling in your lap. Cheezit likes to listen to R&Brie and will melt your heart with how grate she is.

You feta believe Cheezit is the goudaest girl ever!

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David the softy is a true southern gentleman. He’s more than happy to sit out on the porch with you sipping on some sweet tea, talking about life. Want to bring your dog too? No problem- the more the merrier! 

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Maverick has been awarded the senior superlative “Class Clown”. He spends most of his time making everyone around him laugh with his goofy ways.

Maverick’s favorite thing to do after a good game of fetch is cuddling because, after all, 60lbs is the new lap dog!

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Little Debbie

Everybody loves Debbie! And how could you not? She has the prettiest eyes and the softest fur. Plus, her selfie game is so strong she’ll help you rack up those Instagram likes in no time.

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You can’t help falling in love with Priscilla. She “ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” looking for her Elvis… Oh and a pair of “blue suede shoes”. So if you’re “lonesome tonight”, let Priscilla be your “Teddy Bear”!

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With all the predicted snow this winter how can you pass up this Cocoa? This girl will keep your heart feeling warm and full. 

We are still getting to know Cocoa, so check back in later for more info!


Flip through the photos to see more of Sherlock


Sherlock is a favorite at the Farm! Affectionately called Sherly, he loves people of all sizes. And when we say loves, we really mean it! He always wants to be with his people, as they are his favorite thing!

Animal Farm Foundation Adoption Process

We are located Dutchess County, NY. The dogs in our care come from shelters and rescues across the country.

The dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. While we don’t charge adoption fees, we welcome donations to further help us achieve our goal of bringing dogs and people together to end discrimination.

We view all of our dogs and potential adopters as individuals. We make our matches on an adopter’s lifestyle and a dog’s needs and preferences.

We spend quality time with the dogs every day and put them in unique situations so that we can learn as much as possible about them. They get regular exercise, basic obedience training, and daily interactions with people and other animals. They enjoy outings where they experience real-life situations in public and sleepovers with AFF guests.

Most of our available dogs have been through basic manners training at our PAWS of Purpose program on Rikers Island and completed some additional training through our service dog program. 

Our Dogs Are Individuals

The majority of shelter dogs in the United States are mixed breed dogs of unknown parentage. Shelters typically use visual breed identification (based only on physical appearances) to assign a breed to the dogs in their care. Visual breed identification has been proven inaccurate and unreliable by science. Unless a dog comes with pedigree papers or is the known offspring of two registered purebred dogs, we don’t make guesses about what breed they are.

What a dog looks like tells us nothing about his behavior or personality, so it is much more appropriate to see each dog as an individual.

If you would like to meet a dog, please complete a survey.

Questions? Write to us at: adoptions@animalfarmfoundation.org

Our dogs are excited to meet you!

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Animal Farm Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.