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No Dog Should Be Discriminated Against Simply Because of How They Look


Building Safe Communities

Unlike BSL, these policies are effective and don’t damage the human-canine bond. Combining common sense laws with community outreach, ensures that everyone has access to the necessary resources they need to be responsible pet owners.

Breed Specific Legislation

BSL separates families and criminalizes dog owners. Learn how these laws cost communities money and time, all while breaking up families and hurting innocent pets – without making anyone safer.

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Interactive BSL Map

Get a comprehensive look at breed specific legislation across the United States. 

FAQs about "Pit Bull" Dogs

Much of the discrimination “pit bull” dogs and their owners face comes from misinformation, myths, and stereotypes. Find out the truth, according to science.

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Dog Guardianship

We’ve collected information on being a responsible dog owner, as well as finding housing and insurance. This section also contains expert tips on teaching your dog basic manners.

The Majority Project

Join our social campaign to spread the word that the majority of “pit bull” dog owners are just like everyone else. They are our coworkers, friends, family, doctors, cashiers, veterans, neighbors, etc… and they shouldn’t be judged simply because of the dog they own.

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Advocacy and the Media

Being a good advocate for the equal treatment of all dogs means that requires great communication skills. our communications and Media ebook walks you through speaking with the press, elected officials, and the media.


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