Building Safe Communities

Safe communities don’t have to be discriminatory

Proactive animal ordinances combined with outreach efforts are the most effective way to create safe communities.

We have to work together

As I read the legislation, it was clear that this was motivated from a place of deep emotion. My experience has taught me that almost every single instance of proposed breed specific legislation is motivated by emotion – a reaction to a single, frightening event. Or maybe it is a reaction to something frightening that could have happened, but didn’t. BSL is always about the fear of not being safe in our own communities.”

– AFF’s Executive Director on proposed BSL in Rhode Island

Our education leaflet pdf includes:


  • Responsible ownership models
  • Information on the ineffectiveness of mandatory spay/neuter laws
  • Information on communicating with people who are pro-breed bans
  • A guide to updating outdated ordinances

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