Safe Communities Don't Have to Discriminate Against People and Pets

Proactive animal ordinances combined with outreach efforts are the most effective way to create safe communities.

As I read the legislation, it was clear that this was motivated from a place of deep emotion. My experience has taught me that almost every single instance of proposed breed specific legislation is motivated by emotion – a reaction to a single, frightening event. Or maybe it is a reaction to something frightening that could have happened, but didn’t. BSL is always about the fear of not being safe in our own communities.”

– AFF’s Executive Director on proposed BSL in Rhode Island


When It Comes to the Protection of Citizens and Animals in a Community, an Up-to-Date Effective Animal Control Ordinance Is Essential

By Cory A. Smith for Animal Sheltering Magazine

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws Aren't the Answer

Often seen as a solution, mandatory spay/neuter laws criminalize responsible dog owners. Outreach and access to services are better options

The Responsible Pet Ownership Model

From the National Canine Research Council

A look at the City of Calgary’s Responsible Pet Ownership by-law.

Community Outreach Toolkit

From the HSUS Pets for Life Program

This program provides resources for underserved pet owners and educates organizations how to implement the program in their own communities.


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