Teaching Basic Manners

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Our Basic Manners Leaflet

This isn’t your average dog training guide. We give you insight into how dogs think and learn. There are also step-by-step instructions for teaching them manners using positive reinforcement methods.


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Walking on a Leash
Inappropriate Behavior
Fear and Anxiety
Kids and Dogs
Socializing Your Dog
Dog-Dog Tolerance
Multi-Dog Management

How to Set a Dog Up for Success:

In order to control what your dog is rewarded for, instead of letting your dog reward himself for unwanted behaviors, you’ll need to manage positive reinforcements by setting your dog up for success. You can do this by putting away items you don’t want your dog to have (such as food, shoes, or children’s toys) or restricting your dog’s access to these items by using gates or crates.

How Mistakes Happen:

  • You left a piece of steak on the counter.
  • Your dog jumped up, grabbed the steak off the counter, and ate it.
  • Oops – your dog reinforced himself by getting a reward for counter surfing!
  • Your dog is going to be more likely to jump on the counter the next time food is left out.


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