Host a Fundraiser

Fighting breed-specific legislation and other forms of canine discrimination happens on the local level. Gather your friends, family, and community to advocate for every dog, no matter their heritage.


Every dog has their own story and their own personality. Share your dog’s individuality on Instagram with the hashtag #ALLDOGSAREINDIVIDUALS

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Sgt. Stubby

Animal Farm Foundation and the producers of the animated film Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero are joining together to grant more funds to our detection dog program. Learn how you can get involved and help show the world that even rescue dogs can become heroes.

Become a Corporate Partner

Show your customers that you support community initiatives by supporting one of our programs or events, or simply join our mission for securing equal opportunity and treatment for all dogs and their owners.

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Special awareness campaigns for dogs labeled “pit bull” can reinforce false stereotypes and myths. Our #ItsBullAwareness campaign shows you how to advocate in a more productive way using facts, not folklore.

The Majority Project

Join Animal Farm Foundation as we shine a spotlight on the majority of “pit bull” dog owners – everyday people – and help us put an end to stereotypes and discrimination.