Involve Your Community

Fighting breed-specific legislation and other forms of canine discrimination happens on the local level. Whether you want to support our educational efforts, help people with disabilities through our service dog program, or help us train shelter dogs as K9s, fundraising for us will bring your community together and protect dogs and families.

Third-party fundraisers are the perfect way for individuals and small businesses to participate in our mission.

Check out some of our ideas below.

Want to Keep It Simple?

Think Beyond the Bake Sale

Forget boring and cliche fundraisers. We want you to gather your community to come together around a shared passion. We want you start conversations, have fun, and create memories.

Hook up with your local brewery or winery to create a Barks and Beers or Wags and Winos event. Have a small suggested donation door fee and work with the restaurant to get them to donate a portion of the food and drink profits. (These events are even better if the place has a dog-friendly patio!)

Rent out a movie theater and sell tickets for more than the retail value. Donate the difference to AFF. Extra points if you host a talkback before or after the film to discuss removing breed labels or breed-specific legislation. (Looking for a movie to watch? Sign up for a special viewing of Sgt. Stubby: an American Hero)

Gather up your favorite pups to host a novice agility trial and let each dog show off their individual talents (or lack thereof!). Make sure to take lots of pictures and video to share on social media.

Include us in your celebrations by asking guests at your birthday, wedding, or any other special day to make a donation to help secure the equal treatment of all dogs.

Have Your Own Small Business?

Talk to us about donating a percentage of sales. This is a time when we want to think “bake sale.” Paw-print macarons? YES PLEASE! A special blend of coffee to fight BSL? We definitely want to talk to you about it!

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