Our Grants

Ending Discrimination, Keeping Dogs Out Of Shelters, And Moving Communities Forward

Our grants are focused on addressing the human issues that keep dogs and people apart, as well as ways to bring dogs and people together to make the world better for all individuals.

Pet-Accessible Housing Grant

Keeping People and Pets in Their Homes

The lack of pet-accessible housing and insurance not only separates families, it also puts a burden on communities. Barriers to housing are one of the top three reasons pets enter the shelter system.

Often times, pet inaccessible housing isn’t about dogs at all. It’s about classism and/or racism. If your organization is working on breaking down housing and insurance barriers, you can apply for our Pet-Accessible Housing Grant.


Questions? Email Melanie Lindmark or call 845-867-7646

Community Impact Grant

Bringing Dogs and People Together to Change Lives

Our Community Impact Grant is for innovators, community-changers, and those who stand up against discrimination locally or nationally. We want to hear your ideas for how you want to bring dogs and people together to change lives.

Possible opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fighting discrimination against people with service dogs, like Delta’s “pit bull” dog ban
  • Ending breed-specific policies at pet-related facilities
  • Pairing foster dogs with people recovering from addiction
  • Creating pet-accessible shelters for the houseless or people fleeing domestic abuse
  • Programs offering low-cost or free veterinary services

Questions? Email Melanie Lindmark or call 845-867-7646

Detection dog grant

creating safe environments for everyone

The K9 detection dog teams trained by our grantee Sector K9 work to create safer, more connected communities. The dogs are trained to detect guns and drugs. Some of them work in schools with the extra job of teaching kids to be better humans.

Dogs Playing for Life Sponsorship

Playgroup Seminars to Help Every Dog Show Who They Really Are

We sponsor seminars with Dogs Playing for Life. DPFL “uses playgroups to help socialize, evaluate, and change the lives of shelter dogs.”

The shelter environment can be stressful, which prevents many dogs from showing their true personality, leading to longer lengths of stay and even misconceptions about a dog’s behavior. Playgroups give dogs the chance to play, run, and be free to express who they really are.

Shelters interested in applying for a DPFL sponsorship should do so via the DPFL website.


Questions? Email Melanie Lindmark or call 845-867-7646

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Help Willow Heal

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