Hearing Alert Dogs

About Our Hearing Alert Dogs

Who They Help

Our hearing alert dogs provide information to their deaf or hard-of-hearing handlers about environmental sounds. Every person needs different things from their dog, so each dog’s tasks will vary based on what their person needs. 

What They Do

Inside the home, our hearing alert dogs may:

  • Alert to the doorbell, microwave, smoke detector or even the voice of another member of the household calling for help
  • Let their handler know there is an incoming phone call

Outside of the home, they may alert to:

  • Emergency sirens
  • Honking horns
  • People approaching from behind

In Training

Macaron and Tom

At AFF, we don’t make snap judgments for dogs or people based on age or any other factor. It’s a good thing we don’t, or we would have missed out on the opportunity to pair Mac (Macaron) with Tom.

We found Mac in New Orleans and we knew he was exceptional. But we also knew he was 4 years old and typically, at that age, he wouldn’t be a service dog candidate.

Then we met Tom, who is a 77 year old veteran with hearing loss. Because we knew how much potential Mac has, we introduced the two of them and watched them bond. Now, we’re doing in-home training with the pair. Mac’s cue to alert Tom of sounds is to give paw. 

Spotlight on

Brooklyn and Eric

We trained Brooklyn to alert Eric, who is deaf, to important sounds. Eric bonded with him the moment they met. Eric is completely dedicated to their relationship as a team and as friends. As a team, it’s not just about Brooklyn’s alerts, Eric is so in tune with his dog, that he can tell when there is a loud sound because of Brooklyn’s subtle ear movements. It is this dedication and affection, along with AFF service dog trainers, that made Brooklyn the incredible hearing dog he is today.

One of the most endearing things about their relationship is their little rituals. Brooklyn gives Eric a kiss every time he gets in the car and before he gets out. These moments of consistency are important for service dogs, but also important for the canine-human bond.

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Our service dog program gives dogs and people the freedom to be who they are without stereotypes.

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