We Ended the
“pit bull” dog ban
in Sioux City, Iowa

Animal Farm Foundation has invested $300k in a groundbreaking lawsuit fighting legislation that discriminates against dog owners in Sioux City, Iowa, where, until November 25, 2019, it was legal for the government to take your pet away simply because of what your dog looks like. The lawsuit pushed the city to end its “pit bull” dog ban.

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“How do I explain this to my kids? That their dog didn’t do anything, but the government that I’ve taught them to respect can just come and take their pet away? How do I explain that to my children?”

– Jennifer Frost

When we received this call years ago, our answer was that we didn’t have an answer. We didn’t know what she should tell her children. But we did know that we would help her fight it.

And we did.
And we won.

And We’ll Keep Fighting Until BSL Is Gone.

The ban, also known as breed-specific legislation, became law in 2006. From then until now, countless pet dogs have been seized from their homes and destroyed. Not because of behavior, just because Sioux City said the dogs were “pit bulls.”

We think BSL is the cruelest law pet owners can be subjected to and we are taking breed-specific legislation head-on in a way that has never been done before. On behalf of dog owners, we have hired a national law firm well-versed in constitutional law that also has a thorough understanding of the canine genome. In federal district court, our evidence that BSL violates the 5th and 14th amendments has already survived summary judgment.

The legal team we have hired to represent dog owners is licensed to practice in nearly every state in the country. This means that now that we’ve succeeded in Sioux City, we will replicate the same case on behalf of dog owners in the remaining BSL holdout cities. 

We hope those cities will do the right thing like Sioux City did, and end discrimination against dog owners.

By the time we are done, no more families will have to live under the threat of breed-specific legislation.


Learn more about the Sioux City Lawsuit.

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