Mobility Service Dogs

About Mobility Service Dogs

Who They Help

Disabilities that cause mobility issues are both visible and invisible and each person’s challenges vary. Some of our mobility service dog handlers are in wheelchairs, others use walkers or canes. Some have issues with weakness, dizziness, or unsteadiness. Some experience a combination of these issues – and there are even more mobility-related disability challenges that we haven’t listed.

What They Do

Our mobility service dogs:

  • Provide bracing and counter-balance
  • Retrieve objects
  • Get help when needed
  • Guide wheelchairs
  • Provide pressure to relieve pain and help With sensation
  • Open and close doors, drawers, and cabinets
  • …and many other tasks
In Training

Gadget and Matt

Bred to be a sporting dog, Gadget noped out of that career path because that’s just not who he was. His soft, loving, and compassionate nature drew us to him immediately.

We thought he might make a good psychiatric service dog. After he went into our PAWS of Purpose program and showed us more of who he is, we matched him with Matt, who has Parkinson’s.

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Learn About the Dogs

Ernie and Peyton

Ernie and Peyton’s favorite sport is soccer! Peyton plays power wheelchair soccer. The two have been a service dog eam since the summer of 2018. Ernie helps Peyton with mobility tasks and does a lot of retrieval for him.

Gibbs and Adam

Gibbs is an easy-going boy, which made him perfect for Adam and his family. Focused on making his person’s daily life easier, Gibbs retrieves items and opens doors. He also braces Adam, when necessary.

Captain America and Margie

Like his namesake, Captain America is dedicated to being a good boy. Margie has dizzy spells. He helps her keep her balance and retrieves objects for her. If she is having a particularly bad day, he knows to get her phone for her.
Spotlight on

Ziggy and Amy

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The main thing that Amy and Ziggy have in common is their independence. Despite the intense pain and neuropathy Amy experiences as the result of a serious car accident when she was a teen, she lives life on her own terms. Ziggy is making sure she’ll always be able to do that. He closes and opens doors, comforts her when she has debilitating pain spasms and retrieves her medicine for her, picks up items she needs, and guides her wheelchair.

Fiona and Koda

Koda is a jet-setter, traveling across the country with Fiona, a CEO. Fiona has a condition that affects the nerve fibers in her brain and spinal. Koda provides counter-balance and deep pressure so she can sense her extremities.

Jericho and Matthew

After a motorcycle accident, Matthew struggled to maintain his mobility. Then he met Jericho. They were instant soulmates. Jericho pulls Matthew’s wheelchair, as well as braces him. He also retrieves items and hits switches.

Parker and Vicki

Vicki loves the beach, but, due to her lung disorder, trips were difficult for her. With Parker bracing her when she becomes unsteady, opening doors, and retrieving items, she can live the beach life she’s always wanted to live without worrying for her safety.

Lily and Isa

Lily keeps Isa steady and stable. She knows how to fetch help when Isa needs it. As a service dog team, the pair has evolved beyond the mobility tasks that Lily was originally taught and the pup now also does seizure response tasks.


In Training


Sammy is a young pup who is already with his person. AFF trainer, Cassidy, does in-home-training with Sammy once a week. He also comes to the Farm to work with the rest of our team.

His tasks will include retrieval, opening and closing doors, and providing physical pressure when needed. 

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Learn more about the program

Hearing Alert Dogs

Our hearing dogs alert people to sounds to assist with their daily life and keep them safe in emergencies.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric service dogs interrupt or prevent things like panic attacks and dissociative episodes.

Program Overview

Our service dog program gives dogs and people the freedom to be who they are without stereotypes.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our applications for new service dog handlers.

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