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Pets Together

Reducing social isolation and loneliness

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Pets Together gives those living in long-term care facilities the chance to stay socially connected and engaged through virtual visits with pets and their people.

Anti-Discrimination Efforts

Standing Up for Dogs and Their People

Dogs don’t understand discrimination, but their humans do. Breed-specific legislation and policies negatively affect how people live their lives. When it comes to the rights of dog owners to protect their pet from illegal seizure or to find housing, or the rights of those who rely on a dog for equal access, we take action.

Service dogs

Helping to create a more accessible world

We train our service dogs based on their individual potential to do specific types of service work. We match each dog with a person with disabilities based on personality, lifestyle, and the dog’s skill set.

Available Dogs

your Next Family Member is Waiting for You

See the dogs who are available for adoption at our shelter in the Hudson Valley in New York.

Shelter Transport

Helping Communities Across the Country

Many of the dogs we transport come from open intake shelters and run the risk of being euthanized for space. The program gives these shelters more space for other pets in need.

Correctional Facilities Programs

Developing Life Skills for a Better Future

Currently on hold do the Covid-19 pandemic, our correctional facilities program pairs inmates and dogs who work together to improve their life skills.

News and Articles

A Special Thanks As We Reflect on 2020

A Special Thanks As We Reflect on 2020

This year has been difficult for everyone and insurmountable to others. As an organization, we have long since understood that companion animal welfare without human welfare means nothing. So, as a response to the impact of the pandemic, we've augmented and expanded...