Our Service Dog Program

About the Program

We train former shelter “pit bull” dogs as service dogs to assist people with disabilities. We carefully evaluate the dogs we select for the program. Those dogs begin learning various tasks they can perform to mitigate a person’s disability.

These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • bracing and balance
  • opening and closing doors
  • retrieving up items
  • pulling wheelchairs
  • deep pressure therapy
  • blocking
  • interrupting panic attacks
  • hearing alert

The tasks are tailored to the dog’s specific capabilities. Not all dogs can perform the same tasks.

Respecting that all dogs are individuals, some of the dogs who initially pass our evaluations flunk out of the program and go on to be emotional support dogs.

We are currently only accepting applications for hearing dogs or psychiatric service dogs. If you think you would benefit from one of these types of service dogs, please fill out an application.

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Meet the Service Dogs in Training


a service dog in training

We think Mallard is going to be a great balance/mobility dog. He’s working on learning the basic right now, but he’s great at his down-stay and distraction training!

Mallard’s training is sponsored by Karma Rescue.


a hearing dog in training

Brooklyn is almost ready to go home with his person! 

He knows how to alert his handler to the telephone, door knocks, people calling his handler’s name, smoke alarms, ambulance on the road while he is walking or driving, microwave/oven timer going off and more!


a service dog in training

Shazam is a fast learner, which makes him a great service dog prospect. He’s already great at opening and closing doors. We think he would make a good hearing dog.


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