Nominate a Dog for Our Assistance Dog Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • The dog must be homeless and residing in a shelter or rescue.
  • The dog must be a “pit bull” dog.*
  • The dog must be physically sound with good bone structure.
  • Estimated age should be between 15 months and 2 years.
  • The dog must be tolerant with all handling that may be done by the client including nail trims, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, grooming, etc…
  • The dog must tolerate the presence of all other animals, of any kind.
  • The dog must be tolerant of all people.
  • The dog must demonstrate a desire to work.

Other Items to Note:

Include the name, direct phone number and email address of the appropriate contact person.

Training and placing certified assistance dogs can be a long process, governed by federal laws and requirements and respect for client privacy. Please be patient while we process your application.

Email is preferred, but mailed submissions are accepted at:

Animal Farm Foundation
Attn: Assistance Dog Program
Po Box 624
Bangall, NY 12506

Include with Your Submission

  • All official medical information from a veterinarian, as well as any other known health information obtained by the shelter/rescue.

Video of

  • The dog experiencing the entire standard evaluation used by your shelter or rescue. If your organization does not have an evaluation, please contact a local professional who can complete an evaluation for you.
  • Dog in a kennel or crate with strangers approaching one at a time – adult female, adult male, and child.
  • On-leash greeting of a dog of the opposite sex first, then a dog of the same sex.
  • Resource guarding test – dry food, wet food, and rawhide.
  • Resource guarding and arousal recovery test – ball, tug and squeaky toy.
  • Dog in a city-type environment with pedestrians, vehicles, noise, etc.
  • Dog’s reaction to loud noises such as the doorbell and smoke alarm.
  • Dog showing a desire to work for food.

Please upload all videos to a file sharing site and submit a link to us via email. Include all relevant log in information, if necessary. For mailed submissions, please submit videos on a thumb drive.

Dogs who are reactive in any way, regardless of the reason or circumstances, are not eligible.

All dogs accepted into our program will have a lifetime commitment from Animal Farm Foundation. Any dogs who do not succeed as service dogs will be moved to our adoptions program to be placed as a companion pet. Dogs who, after being trained, matched and placed, are returned to Animal Farm Foundation will be reevaluated and either placed with a different client or moved to our adoption program.

*What shelters and rescues consider a “pit bull” dog varies significantly from place to place. If the shelter or rescue staff labeled the dog a “pit bull” at intake, the dog is eligible for consideration.

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