Psychiatric Service Dogs

About Psychiatric Service Dogs

Who They Help

Psychiatric disabilities can affect anyone from any walk of life. Sometimes they are the result of brain chemistry, other times a result of physical or emotional trauma – or a combination of both. These disabilities can present themselves as anxiety, OCD behaviors, confusion, dissociation, depression, isolation, self-harm, paranoia, and countless others.  

What They Do

Our psychiatric service dogs:

  • Interrupt panic and anxiety attacks
  • Retrieve important objects like medicine
  • Provide deep pressure therapy to help their person stay grounded in reality and relieve anxiety
  • Blocking
  • Getting help when needed
  • …and many other tasks
Spotlight on

Pepe and Trainer Erich

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Learn About the Dogs

Zen and Joe

Zen is originally from Hillsborough County Animal Services in Florida. After training him as a service dog, we Zen paired with his handler, former marine Joe. Zen attends school with Joe. With Zen by his side, Joe is confident and independent and can fully enjoy normal, everyday life.

Pepe and Carolyn

Pepe interrupts Carolyn’s panic episodes by pushing at her hands or getting in her face. He makes sure she feels safe by letting her know if someone is close by. He’s also working on alerting her to her alarm. He has to be persistent because her meds lower her blood pressure.

More about the program

Hearing Alert Dogs

Our hearing alert dogs alert people to sounds to assist with their daily life and keep them safe in emergencies.

Mobility Service Dogs

Mobility dogs give people with a variety of physical disabilities more independence.

Program Overview

Our service dog program gives dogs and people the freedom to be who they are without stereotypes.

our applications are closed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our applications for new service dog handlers.

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