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The language we use to describe the dogs in our care matters. It affects adoption rates and public perception. Learn how to avoid stereotypes and personal bias to focus on all dogs as individuals.

Adoption Policies

Leverage social media to save lives without giving up too much of your valuable time and find new ways of bringing traditional methods of adoption marketing to life.

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Adoption Marketing

We’ve collected information on being a responsible dog owner, as well as finding housing and insurance. This section also contains expert tips on teaching your dog basic manners.

Removing Breed Labels

Don’t rely on inaccurate visual identification to describe shelter dogs. Not only are these methods usually wrong, they also don’t tell adopters any of the information they really need to know about a dog’s personality and behavior.

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Give your shelter dogs the physical and mental stimulation they need to stay occupied, happy, healthy, and sound until they go home with adopters.


Teaching basic manners improves a dog’s adoption chances and gives them mental stimulation and exercise, keeping them happy and healthy.

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Building Safe Communities

Unlike BSL, these policies are effective and don’t damage the human-canine bond. Combining common sense laws with community outreach, ensures that everyone has access to the necessary resources they need to be responsible pet owners.

Breed Specific Legislation

BSL separates families and criminalizes dog owners. Learn how these laws cost communities money and time, all while breaking up families and well-cared for – without making anyone safer.

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Advocacy and the Media

Advocating for fair and equal treatment of “pit bull” dogs and their owners requires passion and dedication, but also thoughtfulness and a solid understanding of the facts. 

BSL Talking Points

Accurately communicate about the negative impact of breed specific legislation with the help of these well-researched talking points, sample letter, and suggested resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Farm Foundation

Curious about why we put “pit bull” in quotes? We have the answer to that and more in this ebook.

Resources for Veterinary Professionals

Understanding dog genetics is important for veterinary care, but making sure you don’t judge a dog’s behavior based on their appearance or breed is equally as important.

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