More and more we’re seeing the media publish well written pieces about life with “pit bull” dogs. If you’ve been looking for an article or book that will help your friends and family understand why you’re devoted to “pit bull” dogs or one that will challenge your thinking about animal welfare issues, please see our suggested reading list below.

Licked to Death By a Pit Bull

Tales of a Faithful Family Dog
by Bronwen Dickey
from Garden and Gun Magazine

Shift Away From Negative Ads Increases Giving to Animal Shelter

by Holly Hall
From the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Who do we fear more: The dogs or their owners?

Is Scaremongering About Pets Displaced Prejudice Against Young Men?
by Zoe Williams
From the Guardian


What Pit Bulls Can Teach Us About Profiling
by Malcom Gladwell
From the New Yorker

Bringing Back The Mixed Breed

by the Center For Shelter Dog Studies


A New Day for Fight Bust Dogs (PDF)

by James Hettinger
From Animal Sheltering Magazine

Breeds and Behavior

“They’re Not Like Other Dogs” – Or Are They?
by Janis Bradley
From Bark Magazine