Shelter and Rescue Resources

E-books, Videos, Articles, and Other Expert Advice for Supporting the Dogs in Your Care


The language we use to describe the dogs in our care matters. It affects adoption rates and public perception. Learn how to avoid stereotypes and personal bias to focus on all dogs as individuals.

Adoption + Marketing

Leverage social media to save lives without giving up too much of your valuable time and find new ways of bringing traditional methods of adoption marketing to life.

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Removing Breed Labels

Don’t rely on inaccurate visual identification to describe shelter dogs. Not only are these methods usually wrong, they also don’t tell adopters any of the information they really need to know about a dog’s personality and behavior.


Give your shelter dogs the physical and mental stimulation they need to stay occupied, happy, healthy, and sound until they go home with adopters.

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Basic Manners

Teaching basic manners improves a dog’s adoption chances at adoption and gives them mental stimulation and exercise, keeping them happy and healthy.

Posters + Free Stuff

Request or download posters, brochures, and other visual aids to help you educate volunteers, shelter workers, and the community.

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