Don't set dogs up to fail

Get creative with marketing & Keep adoption policies open

Promote Happiness, Not Sadness

The first story you tell about a shelter dog has the power to change their life. Focus on the positives and facts of who the dog is.

Keep Yourself Open to Adopters

Adopters are individuals, just like dogs. Make them feel comfortable, not challenged, during the adoption process.

Take Instagram Worthy Photos

Caitlin Quinn of HeARTs Speak tells you how to capture a dog’s best angles without a lot of effort – but with maximum marketing impact.

Make the Most of Social Media

without stressing yourself out


Put the most popular social network to work for you, your staff, and the dogs in your care. Use FB to build a community around your dogs, grow your volunteer base, and create a positive association with your shelter and the public.


Animal-related accounts are some of the most popular on Instagram. You’ve got a built in captive audience. You just need to learn how to reach them with great photos and strategic hashtags.

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