Give the Dogs in Your Care Something to Think About

Enrichment is an integral part of any adoption program. Shelter dogs spend the majority of their time in kennels. Enrichment gives them the mental and physical stimulation they need to stay occupied, happy, and healthy. All of these things translate to faster adoptions.

A Busy Dog Is a Happy Dog

You don’t like to be bored and neither do shelter dogs. One hour of de-stressing isn’t going to off-set kennel induced anxiety or other issues. Effective enrichment programs are all about consistent, yet varied, stimuli.

Engage a Dog on Every Level

Sensory deprivation affects dogs just as it affects humans. Dogs need a variety of ways to experience different sights, smells sounds, tastes, and, of course, they need human touch and soft things to cuddle.

Get Your Dogs Out of the Kennel and Into the World

No one wants to stay inside on a sunny day, including shelter dogs. We’ve got ideas for outdoor activities that will keep them engaged.

Give a Dog a Box and

You Give Them an Adventure

Keep Kennels Quiet and Dogs Happy

Constant barking is stressful for potential adopters, staff, volunteers, and, most importantly, dogs. A small shift in your everyday routine can reduce the noise level to zero.

Discover a Dog's Hidden Personality with Playgroups

Sometimes the best teacher for a dog is another dog.

Instructional Videos

27 ideas to enrich the dogs in your care.


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