Sit. Stay. Walk. Give Kisses.

Teach your dogs all of the basic tricks in the book
and they’ll charm every adopter who comes their way.

How Dogs Learn

Dogs learn through repetition and consequences. Discover how to integrate positive reinforcement into your training.

What's My Name Again?

Learning their name is the first step to a dog learning manners. Find out how a few cookies can teach a dog who they are.

Get Your Gear

Not every dog needs the same gear and every trainer has their preference. Figure out what’s best for you and the dog in your care.

Instructional Videos

9 tips for teaching a dog new tricks.

Training Resources by Topic

Click a title to view resources.

Walking on a Leash
Inappropriate Behavior
Fear and Anxiety
Socializing Your Dog
Dog-Dog Tolerance
Multi-Dog Management
Kids and Dogs
Responsible Pet Ownership


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