Share in Our Vision of a World Where All Dogs Are Treated As Individuals

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When you partner with us, you help the world move away from stereotypes and toward modern scientific research, which says that ALL DOGS ARE INDIVIDUALS. You’ll also make an impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

 Help End the Drug Crisis

Driven by a desire to work, our detection dogs sniff out illegal drugs like meth and heroin.

Empower People with Disabilities 

Be a part of our Assistance Dog program, where we train shelter dogs to assist people with disabilities, giving them more independence and access to the world.

Increase Shelter Dog Adoptions

Our educational outreach pairs science with smart policies, procedures, and marketing that will bring shelter dogs and families together.

Work to End Breed-Specific Legislation

We provide the public with the latest science behind dog behavior and information on what policies keep communities safe without discriminating against dogs or their owners.

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