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Find all of the resources you need to support every dog as an individual.

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We also recommend the resources from our subsidiary, the National Canine Research Council.


A comprehensive list of our ebooks for advocates, animal welfare workers, and anyone else interested in educating themselves on securing equal treatment for all dogs and their owners.

Training Videos

From basic manners to more advanced tricks, our videos will help you bring out the best in your dog.

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Enrichment Videos

DIY your way to happier shelter dogs with our shelter enrichment how-tos.

Public Service Announcements

Watch and share our PSAs for the Majority Project and #ItsBullAwareness and spread the word that ALL DOGS ARE INDIVIDUALS.

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Free Resources

Download posters, brochures, and other visual aids to help you educate volunteers, shelter workers, and the community.

Suggested Reading

Articles and resources that will challenge your thinking and change your view on “pit bull” dogs.



Breed Specific Legislation Map

Get a snapshot of BSL across the United States.

A Life without Labels

See which shelters across the United States have removed breed labels.

Detection Dogs

Our narcotics detection dogs are serving communities and saving lives all across the U.S. Find out where.

Historic Photo Gallery

View more images on our Flickr.

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